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I am a web developer by passion and a tech SEO by profession. I am well versed in PHP and JavaScript (Vanilla). Besides work, I am a passionate learner. I love to learn things from scratch whether it’s building a paper plane or learning a huge programming language (like javascript).

I have made a very good saturation between work and life. I practice Vedanta and yoga regularity to keep myself aware of the ultimate reality. I believe and follow the Advaita Vedanta, a school of Hindu philosophy.

I volunteer a lot. I work for free for the needy one. I always look for opportunities to learn things that make me wonder. Music which is sad and has meaningful lyrics attracts me. Sometimes I write shayaris and ghazals. In the future, I want to learn the piano. Know more about me.


Batman would be jealous.



4+ years of experience in WordPress. Customized Themes and Plugins are the main areas of expertise. Community member of make WordPress. A regular contributor to the WordPress Polyglot team.



Self-taught PHP developer. Learned PHP core first and then started to build things using the OOPs concept. Experienced enough to build a full PHP website from scratch with custom functionality.



Started with Vanilla Javascript now learning NODEjs. I am confident enough to put JavaScript on the website front-end. Learned JavaScript on my own. 


Advanced CSS

Whether it is Float, Grid, or Flexbox, I can design the whole layout from scratch using my CSS skills. Learned CSS for a client project but with time it has become friendlier to me.


Front End Design

Having caught the CSS and JavaScript, I can design a fully customized front end with modern design principles. I avoid using third party libraries like Bootstrap to create Front ends.



Learned SQL on my own. I can write basic queries of SQL to manipulate the database tables and the data inside it. A combination of PHP and SQL is my favorite blend to create dynamic applications.



I have 5+ years of experience in SEO professionally. During this period, I have worked for 4 different companies & 60+ projects as an SEO expert. I am good at resolving the technical SEO challenges and that is why I also call myself a Tech SEO.


Progress bars, anyone?

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Xpath queries


Yes. I’ve been around.

2022 – Present

Obbserv Online Services PVt. LTD

SEO Team Lead

Udaipur, RJ

Currently Working as an SEO Team Lead. Leading team of 10+ people including Sr. SEO, Jr. SEO & Trainees. I am also making sure that the Strategy, Plan and execution for my 12+ clients are on track. At the same time also invloved in automating the SEO processes by AI or Software.

2020 – 2022

Obbserv Online Services PVt. LTD

Sr. SEO Executive

Udaipur, RJ

Again in 2020, I started my professional journey as an SEO. This time i have joined SEO company based in Udaipur. I was hired remote obviously (due to COVID-19). Worked for almost 1.5 years as an Sr. SEO, In April 2022 I was promoted to SEO Team Lead (Yes, I did good work). 

2019 – 2020


WordPress Developer, Tech SEO

Dungarpur, RJ

When I was working at AppitSimple Infotek Pvt Ltd, Unfortunately, a bad accident happened with my family that permanently brought me to the home. Since then I was working as a full-time freelancer. I had created more than 5 websites using WordPress. Meanwhile, I learned PHP. SQL, JavaScript, and CSS in depth, So I could understand & create a fully customized web solution.

July 2018 – July 2019

AppitSimple Infotek Pvt. Ltd.

Digital Marketing Executive

Ahmedabad, GJ

My primary role was to plan and execute the SEO strategy for certain parts of the In house website SoftwareSuggest.com. I was leading the team of two executives. I was also managing the Google Ads account for a client. I was able to deliver the results, they expected from me in terms of SEO efforts.

November 2017 –  May 2018

3i Planet

SEO Expert

Udaipur, RJ

My primary role was to formulate and execute the SEO strategy for the client website’s organic presence on Google and Bing. This includes a variety of other tasks like auditing technical issues, collaborating with the Design and development teams to improve the design of the website as well to make the website accessible to users and search engines.

July 2016 – October 2017

SUn Media Marketing

SEO Executive, SEO Project Manager

Ahmedabad, GJ

This is the place where I got a job after college. Also, I learned all about SEO here. Initially, I was a trainee in the SEO dept. After grasping all the basic concepts, I was appointed as an SEO executive. Soon I started to get a good pace with SEO and after one year, I had been appointed as an SEO project manager.


Lazy isn’t in my vocabulary.

2012 – 2016

Jaipur Engineering College

Bachelor of Technology (CSE)

Jaipur, RJ

I have done my engineering in Computer Science. I have graduated with good grades. Learned a lot about computers and their inner mechanics. My favorite subject throughout the course was Information Security and Systems.


Govt. Sr. Secondary School

PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Maths)

PC Colony, Sagwara, RJ

High school was the most precious time of my life. I still miss those days. I completed high school in 2012 with PCM but not with so good grades. My favorite subject throughout the course was physics. I like it when events around us can be explained with logic.


Call me, maybe.


Dungarpur. RJ